Sweeper & Scrubber Machines

The Sweeper Brush Company markets both Clarke / American Lincoln and RCM sweepers and scrubbers. Each is an International brand leader in its field.  


Some of our major users include Linfox Transport Industries, Qantas Airways Limited,  Ford Motor Company and Crown Forklifts just to name a few.

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CLARKE Technology, founded in 1916, is one of the world's leading powered cleaning equipment brands. It is particularly known for its range of walk-behind floor scrubbers.

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AMERICAN-LINCOLN Technology invented the ride-on sweeper/scrubber combination and continues to lead this expanding global market. American-Lincoln Technology is often associated with "heavy duty" needs and large facilities.

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Since 1970 RCM has designed, manufactured and marketed floor cleaning equipment for the professional user. Our range of industrial sweepers and scrubber/driers are recognised worldwide for their performance and reliability.

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